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  Plug-Ins for the Plugiator and Plugiator ASX

Thanks to its modular design, the Plugiator can load different synthesis plug-ins with different synthesis architectures - enabling a wide field of sound possibilities...

Each Plugiator / Plugiator ASX comes loaded with these four great plug-ins:

The Minimax
MiniMax is the highly acclaimed replica of the famous legend. Incredibly fat and responsive sound, intuitive control... tweaking its knobs is pure fun, a real performance synth!

FifthOctave  OuahBass  TranceHook  InDaHouse  MaxDrums




The Lightwave
While the oscillators of the LightWave are based on wavetables, the aftermath is virtual analog - giving you wide control of the sound.  From complex pads to powerful leads, LightWave offers a vast range of sonic possibilities.

SuperSweep  WarmPad  PolyGlide  Filtage  KingOfSnake





The B4000
The B4000 turns your keyboard into the Queen of Organs. The genuine sound of a real living electromechanical 400 pound monster. Lively, authentic, emotional...

ShapeOfMail JimmyToKeith OrangeMan JBindaHauz  TKnopf





The Vocodizer
(free registration bonus)

That's what the microphone input of the Plugiator  is for :) Plug in your microphone and modulate sounds with our voice ...





Already the above factory selection of plug-ins means a whole lot of fun. But as you can never have enough fun really, there are more optional plug-ins available which you can purchase from our online store (integrated into the Plug-in Manager Software, single plug-ins and bundle package available) or from your dealer (bundle package only).

At the moment, the following further plug-ins are available to further upgrade your Plugiator or Plugiator ASX:

The Prodyssey (optional at 49 USD)
The Prodyssey is modeled after the historic counterpart and rival of the Minimax. Featuring a distinctively different character, more control possibilites and an amazingly intuitive interface, the Prodyssey is still as exciting today as it was "in the days"...

AboveTheClouds  Duke  TwistingKnobs  




The Pro-12 (optional at 49 USD)
The first polyphonic and programmable synth to become popular also became an instant legend. The Pro-12 has all of its smooth analog sound and plenty of presets which were heard everywhere throughout the 80ies...

5Leads  Pad  Fanfare





The FMagia (optional at 49 USD)
A new synth creation and a journey into great sounding FM synthesis. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, sound design for FM is more fun than ever before.

Digipiano  ParadiseBells  MansionClock  TwistingOperator 





The Drums'n'Bass (optional at 49 USD)
Just released!
An amazingly fat and punchy analog drum machine along with a great bass section - turns your Plugiator into a super groovy beat box!

Demo1 Demo2 Demo3 Demo4 Demo5 Demo6 Demo7




You still canīt get enough? We thought so. That's why we are planning for more plug-ins to become available for the Plugiator eventually... stay tuned!

Download all 34 Sound Demos in one ZIP File (23 MB)

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